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January 31, 2023
From scholarships to loans and more, learn how to cover online MBA costs with financial aid tips from SMU Cox. Confidently pursue an MBA and gain a competitive edge.
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January 23, 2023
Explore how the online, part-time leadership MBA program from SMU Cox School of Business puts professionals on the path to the C-suite.
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December 6, 2022
SMU Cox’s Online MBA and MBA Direct programs are top MBAs for leadership because they help professionals deliver immediate value while growing in their organizations.
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December 2, 2022
Students in part-time online MBA programs who continue to work while earning degrees can make rapid career progress by applying new skills immediately.
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October 31, 2022
Master of Business Administration graduates are a hot commodity in the job market, and top MBA programs pave the way for professionals to work in the highest levels of corporate leadership. A staggering 69 percent of MBA holders report that another company tried to poach them in the past year. MBAs are also high earners. […]
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October 17, 2022
Networking is a critical element of career development. Online MBA students should choose programs that connect them with diverse and driven professionals.
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October 1, 2022
If you want to succeed in the workplace, you must master these six important interpersonal leadership skills that only an MBA program can offer.
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September 27, 2022
The SMU Cox Online MBA emphasizes data analytics and leadership theory with practical application.
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September 7, 2022
Given the benefits of this data-driven approach in both business and entrepreneurship, there is significant demand for executives with the data analytics skills to understand and interpret data generated by various functional areas.   According to job market analysis firm Lightcast, there is a distinct misalignment between the number of job postings that require both an […]
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September 6, 2022
The Master of Business Administration is the most popular master’s degree, with over 250,000 students worldwide. Its popularity is well-earned – MBA programs benefit their graduates in many ways. Many employers require high-level executives and managers to have MBAs, so the degree is necessary to advance in some career paths. For professionals who don’t have […]