SMU Cox Online MBA student, Silvia Davis, presents at the Immersion event in London
March 13, 2020
Meet SMU Cox Online MBA student, Silvia Davis. Hailing from Brazil, Davis is now a Texas-based Product and Solutions Marketing Manager who decided to pursue her Online MBA at SMU Cox so that she can add even more value to her current role.
A SMU Cox online MBA student shakes hands with another business professional to network
March 13, 2020
You won’t be at a disadvantage as an online MBA student when it comes to networking. Here are seven ways you can network with business professionals.
A graphical chart of a digital-first marketing strategy with components like SEO and email
March 12, 2020
Learn ways you can create a digital-first marketing strategy that will effectively help build your brand and your audience at a low cost.
A group of business people engage in a cross-cultural business negotiation
March 10, 2020
Negotiation is a big part of every business strategy. Learn how to handle cross cultural negotiations with international businesses.
Two hands hold a small model of the globe against a blurred sunset background
March 10, 2020
When you consider the importance of corporate social responsibility, you must understand how to balance it with profit.
A group of SMU Cox online MBA faculty and students at a presentation
February 7, 2020
Hear from Salman Hasan, an online MBA student at SMU Cox, and learn how the flexible online program helped him balance school, work, and family life.
A headshot of Reed Waldenmaier, an Online MBA student at SMU Cox
January 21, 2020
Reed Waldenmaier enrolled in the Online MBA program with SMU Cox. He used his skills to further his career and network with his peers.
Hands raised with a graphic of a globe overlayed
November 25, 2019
Business is global. Do your business skills match up? Learn how an Online MBA from SMU Cox will help you master your international business skills.
A businessman in a suit stands in front of a window in a high rise building
November 25, 2019
Learn how to overcome business failure and turn it into a success with these four lessons from the experts behind SMU’s Online MBA program.
The SMU Cox campus
November 15, 2019
Choose the MBA program that best fits your needs. The experts from the SMU Cox Online MBA program show you why where you earn your MBA matters.