Our Promise to You

When you enroll as an MBA candidate at SMU Cox, you’ve made an important commitment. You are investing in increasing your skill set, network, and earning potential. We promise to match your commitment to help you grow as an individual and as a business leader. It is our mission to understand your specific professional goals and ambitions, and to give you the tools and opportunities you need to make your MBA dreams a reality. That begins with making sure you understand the financing options available to you.

Choose the Best Return for Your Money

To best support our MBA candidates, SMU Cox believes in taking the ambiguity out of graduate school tuition. As you begin to plan for your investment in your education, it is important to be aware of the full range of financial and scholarship resources available to you. Here are some key facts and figures to be mindful of as you prepare your financial plan:

  • All applicants are reviewed for merit-based scholarship which ranges from $1,000-$15,000
  • Approximately 60% of students receive merit-based scholarship
  • Many top Online MBA Programs can cost upwards of $130,000, while our approximate cost of tuition is $92,000

SMU Cox Online Programs Tuition Cost

Tuition Credits Estimated Total Tuition*
$1,762 per credit hour 52 Credits in 7 Terms $91,624

* Total estimated tuition does not include potential tuition increases in subsequent academic years.

Tuition Credits Estimated Total Tuition*
$1,762 per credit hour 53 Credits in 8 Terms $93,386

* Total estimated tuition does not include potential tuition increases in subsequent academic years.

Your Salary & Career Outcomes

Graduates from programs like ours often find employment in a range of leadership positions. Below is the average salary for some of the most common positions. As each MBA candidate is unique, we encourage you to evaluate your personal post-graduation goals in order to assess your earning potential.

Paying for Your MBA

Students have a variety of options to fund their tuition. Some of the most frequently used funding options are included below, but we encourage you to consult with the Financial Aid Office and / or a financial advisor when determining the best options available.

Other Scholarships

All merit-based admissions scholarships are awarded during the admissions process and you will be notified of an award at the time of admission. Outside scholarship opportunities for part-time students are limited, but we do encourage you to check out these links and research potential opportunities:

Sallie Mae Graduate Scholarship Search: https://www.salliemae.com/student-loans/graduate-school-information/graduate-school-scholarships/

B Schools.org Guide to MBA Scholarships: www.bschools.org/blog/mba-scholarships

Fastweb College Scholarships (general search): www.fastweb.com/college-scholarships

United Methodist Church GBHEM Loans & Scholarships www.gbhem.org/loans-scholarships


The Federal government provides loan options for graduate students, even if they do not qualify for need-based financial aid. The SMU Financial Aid Office works with two types of U.S. federal government loans:

  • Federal Direct Loans: This is generally the lowest cost loan available for up to $20,500 every academic year. You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, take at least six credits per semester, and submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to qualify.
  • Federal Graduate PLUS Loans: If you need to borrow more, then a Graduate PLUS loan can generally cover the remainder. You will need to submit the application for the Federal Direct loan prior to applying for the PLUS.

If federal loans are unavailable or insufficient, private or alternative education loans may be an alternative option. Unlike federal loans, private loans do not require a FAFSA to apply. Private loans are not based on need and approval is generally based on creditworthiness and ability to repay. Some students may need to apply with a credit-worthy co-signer. Interest rates, grace periods, repayment options and fees are determined by the lender and can vary considerably from lender to lender; generally, they charge higher rates than Federal loans.

Military Benefits

SMU proudly honors the service and sacrifice of our Military. Named among the top MBA Schools for Veterans, SMU Cox offers tuition benefits available exclusively to Military members and their families:

The Yellow Ribbon Program

Applicants who are 100% Post-9/11 GI Bill eligible automatically qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program. At SMU Cox, this means that 100% of tuition costs as an Online MBA Student are covered.

Niemi Center Fellowship Program

Under the auspices of the Niemi Center, paid fellowships offer select members of the military the opportunity to participate in impactful and world-changing research. Fellowships typically begin following the completion of the first semester of study. The Niemi Center collaborates with the George W. Bush Presidential Center for fellowship opportunities, some of which are with the Bush Institute Military Service Initiative.

Employer Reimbursement

We highly encourage you to find out if your employer has an official policy for those going back to school for an MBA. Some reimbursement modules are based on your grades, number of years worked at said company, or percentages per credit hour or semester.

And even if your company does not have an official policy it is worth bringing up with your manager. Some policies are born from a simple inquiry. When discussing this with your manager, focus on how your pursuit of an MBA will benefit your team and the business.

Ready to invest in yourself and your career?