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Our students are adaptable, innovative individuals who want to work on cross-functional teams, where they can critically analyze problems and succinctly communicate data insights. They are diverse in their personal and professional backgrounds and represent a spectrum of industries like finance, military, energy, and beyond and are all tied together as an integral part of the Cox network.

Student Ambassadors

Jawwad Baig
Class of ‘21

How are the SMU OMBA classes preparing you to lead?

It’s rigorous and the courses are thoughtfully structured. The program takes into consideration experience from the workforce and takes into account the leadership and analytical skills future leaders need to be prepared in today’s fast-changing and global environments.

Morgan Holcomb
Class of ‘21

What is the best part of the SMU OMBA?

The SMU OMBA program provides access to top-notch professors, a robust and hands-on learning experience and provides a unique advantage versus other MBA programs with its global immersion. It’s efficient, effective, and extensive all at the same time.

Shawn Jett
Class of ‘21

What professional and personal goals would you like to accomplish with your SMU OMBA?

Professionally I would like to lead a sales team. Personally I would like to be the first MBA in my family.

Reed Waldenmaier
Class of ‘21

If you were to recommend this program to a colleague, what would you say?

I would let them know that completing your graduate studies and also working full time is achievable. You will not only apply the course concepts on a daily basis in your workplace, but you will also grow and develop as a leader during the two-year program.

Student Profiles

SMU Cox is known as a top institution for Veterans pursuing an MBA. It has a reputation for developing data-driven leaders and that matched what I was looking for: I wanted a school that had a strong network in the region and in the state. And really, that was what stuck out to me the most, you know: they are leaders in the city of Dallas looking to make it a better place. And it all just kind of fit for me.

  • Bobby Panchisin, Class of ‘21

See how former Field Artillery Expert in the 101st Airborne is reaching for new heights with an Online MBA from SMU Cox

I would definitely recommend SMU Cox. I feel like, not only is it an excellent program overall but also, they have a veteran community, which caters to service members and helps them get acclimated. For me, I’ve found the Online MBA is a tight-knit community in itself, but on top of that, the smaller veteran network is another support system at SMU Cox that has been valuable to me.

  • Kim Bouthavong, Class of ‘21

Former Air Force Imagery Analyst sets her sights on success by pursuing her Online MBA at SMU Cox

When I heard about the Online MBA program, I really thought through what the degree could mean for me: If I could combine my experience in technological fields with a better understanding of the business side of things, it could really help me grow my career. I didn’t think I’d get accepted, but I’m also big into ‘shoot your shot,’ what’s the worst that’s going to happen? So I went ahead and leveraged my service experience and applied. Thanks to the sterling reputation of SMU Cox and the high caliber individuals I know who have gone there, I really believed there was no better place for me to pursue my MBA than SMU Cox.

  • Joe Best, Class of ‘22

Former Enlisted Navy Sailor and Power Generation professional enrolls in the SMU Online MBA program to harness the power of first-class education

I’m learning a lot and I’ve already been able to apply the skills learned during the program on the job, especially in areas of managing and leading people, I’m bringing what we’ve done in the courses to refine my skills. And I know the more I work on it, the better I’ll get.

  • Reed Waldenmaier, Class of ‘21

Learn more about how Reed is applying skills from his MBA in his role at Wrist Ship Supply

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