Experience SMU Cox Immersions.

At SMU Cox, graduates of our Online MBA programs are poised to find creative solutions to business challenges from day one due to the experiential opportunities at the heart of our curriculum. No matter which Cox online program you choose, you will have an opportunity to experience global and domestic immersion trips with peers and professors. Our immersion trips are located in cities chosen for their strategic relevance to the business community. Over the course of an immersion, you’ll gain hands-on experience working in teams on a real-time project that will challenge you to overcome complex corporate obstacles in a fluid global market. You’ll explore leadership and analytics topics and hear from top corporate executives on their experiences.

In an era of business ambiguity and flux, immersions teach MBA candidates the skills to pivot and meet today’s evolving changes and challenges.

Seattle, June 2022

The foundation of this immersion centers on catalyzing innovation through wargame-style activities with judges from competing companies located in Seattle. Participants will engage in networking and team-building exercises with other cohorts, and employ analytical, strategic and operational solutions in the following areas:

  • Human Centered Design: Get introduced to human centered design methods and their application to solve business problems.
  • Design Thinking: Understand how to use the three design skills — looking, understanding and making.
  • Application: Apply design skills to help shape critical thinking and ideation that solves real-world business problems.
  • Client Solutions: Create solutions under time pressure with incomplete information that still solve problems and create opportunities.
  • Work in Ambiguity: Work with ambiguity and use tools that allow teams to thrive and solve problems without a clear path at the onset of the work.
  • Seattle Innovation Ecosystem: Gain exposure to the innovation ecosystem and how local companies embrace innovation.

There will be no corporate tours due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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Past Immersions

In-Person Immersions

Madrid, February 2022

The immersion experience included:

  • Two weeks ahead of the immersion, participants will begin working on their projects while collaborating in Be-Novative.
  • Team projects will provide opportunities to practice strategy and leadership skills by working with NGOs, social entrepreneurs and other enterprises within Madrid’s thriving startup ecosystem
  • These real client projects will become a competition and a winner will be announced.
A picture of Madrid

Dallas, January 2022

The immersion experience included:

  • Opening keynote speaker Bob Pragada, President and COO of Jacobs, a global Fortune 500 company and #1 engineering design firm in the industry
  • Closing keynote speaker Nina Vaca, Chairperson and CEO of Pinnacle Group, the fastest growing women-owned business in the U.S.
  • Opportunities to participate in skill building master classes in Game Theory, Leadership Challenges, Entrepreneurship Exploration, The Future of Energy and Tableau Skills
A group of people in Dallas

Dubai, October 2021

The immersion experience included:

  • Keynote speaker Dayle Rebecca Carden, Managing partner of Elliott Barrett Group, a Dallas-based strategic advisory firm
  • Team projects that integrate strategy and leadership skills with several companies in UAE
  • Opportunities to network and interact with SMU Cox program faculty
  • Voluntary activities including horseback riding and fly fishing
A group of people in Dallas

Colorado, June 2021

The immersion experience included:

  • Team projects that integrate strategy and nature with the executive owner of Devil’s Thumb Ranch (DTR)
  • Opportunities to network and interact with SMU Cox program faculty
  • Team adventure games featuring ten physical and intellectual challenges across the 6,500 acre ranch, designed to develop leadership
  • Voluntary activities including horseback riding and fly fishing
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London, December 2019

The immersion experience included:

  • Presentations from industry giants, startups, and NGOs, including: Microsoft, Eversend mobile online bank, Monzo bank, and TACT fostering agency
  • Students used complex problem solving skills and analyzed business, economic, and financial market implications in real-time.
  • Opportunity to explore the rich history and cultural landmarks of London, Bath, Windsor, and Stonehenge
A group of people in front of Stonehenge

“We needed to bring strategic and tactical solutions in a short time, which represents the reality of every business. I love this type of work since part of my job is to help companies succeed using technology.”

Silvia Davis, Online MBA ‘21, Product and Solutions Marketing Strategist