Explore the Flexibility of the Online MBA

We believe in empowering individuals who want to have a positive impact on the world. This means enabling you to attend class from wherever you are. The Online MBA curriculum introduces you to a range of topics and skills needed to stand out and level-up.

Upon graduation, you will be able to:

  1. Conduct data-based gap analyses
  2. Critically analyze and apply data to identify and address challenges
  3. Communicate effectively to diverse audiences, leveraging data towards proposed solutions
  4. Form and lead teams to achieve desired results
  5. Accurately identify, establish and achieve rigorous goals

Benefits of Our Online MBA Program

Live Classes

Three major themes run throughout the Online MBA program, all of which require students to work in teams: leadership, analytics, and experiential learning. Through live online classes, students collaborate with their cohort, exchange ideas, and challenge each other to apply new skills to real-world problems. We know that in business, teamwork is just as important as individual ability. Collaboration among Online MBA students prepares the individual to work well in teams and manage cross-functional teams in a variety of business settings, toward a multitude of goals.

Connect with Faculty Online

The quality and frequency of interaction among students and faculty is superior at Cox, and the online experience is no different. Professors—not graduate assistants—teach all Online MBA courses. Students and professors make real connections through synchronous live classes, virtual office hours, and a host of additional support resources.

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Support for your Success

Each student is assigned a dedicated Success Coach who will be there from enrollment through graduation. Success Coaches understand the unique needs of online students and working professionals, and will help with time management, meeting deadlines, class attendance, faculty communication, and general support as you work towards your MBA.

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